Certified Home Inspection Services & Fees

*All prices shown are for up to 2000 sq ft single family Home.  Please inquire for larger homes as well as mileage charges.   All prices are subject to GST.


  • $495.

This inspection will provide you with a  clear understanding of the condition of your house prior to putting it on the market. The information can help you in deciding what requires updating  before putting the house up for sale. The inspection typically takes 3 to 4 hours. 


  • 1-2000 sq ft $599.

This inspection will provide you with a clear understanding of a homes current condition prior to purchasing. The inspections designed to assist you in your decision on purchasing. It involves a full visual, performance based inspection of the house from top to bottom and typically takes 3 to 4 hours. ​​



  • Thermal imaging up to 50 pictures $250

  • We can add Thermal Imagine to you home inspection for $50

There are a number of reasons why areas of your exterior walls and ceilings may be cooler or warmer than nearby similar surfaces. An infrared thermal imaging scan of your house can identify where these areas are located. At some later point, you may need to open up the wall or ceiling to know the cause for sure. This service provides a report identifying the location of suspect areas, an opinion as to the probable cause and a recommendation as to your next steps. This service includes a scan of the exterior walls from the outside and a room by room scan of the inside walls and ceilings.


Radon Metering 

  • Radon metering $100.

  • We can add Radon Metering to any home inspection for $50.


This is designed to aid in the investigation of a specific problem that you are experiencing in your home. Are you wondering what the root cause is and what steps may be required to address it? We can do an investigation and provide a report of our findings. $75./hr